“Mr. Zlatev is one of the best sound engineers, with whom I have worked at all. Even under the most difficult acoustic conditions his recordings sound as if they were placed in a space which has been created for the beautiful music. He also understands the difficult art to act relaxing and encouraging on the recorded artist. His patience is inexhaustible, even if some takes have to be repeated several times.”

Prof. Dr.h.c. Paul Badura – Skoda

„Mr. Zlatev was not just a wonderful, sensitive and accurate listener  but also a very tolerant, flexible and open recording partner. His very productive dynamism has been reflected on most positive in our cooperation and has brought great success for our CD.“

Angelika Kirchschlager

„… and I’ve noticed that he is, because of his musical and technical education and not least because of his talent a highly qualified and reliable partner. His sense of hearing, his flexibility and almost proverbial Ability impress me every time anew.“

Prof. Kurt Rapf

„Mr. Zlatev is distinguished by its great professionalism, excellent education, extraordinary commitment in his work, connected to pedagogical and organizational talent, , by human warmth, openness and friendly heart.“

Prof. Georg Mark

„In times of significant changes of the study being his pioneering effort has succeeded to set the starting a completely new teaching subject for our institute. Because of his high qualifications in the musical and in the technical area, dedicated effort, educational and psychological experiences, Collegiality and last but not least personal qualities, he has excellent approved in the huge collective of the Vienna Music Schools.“

Dir. Ranko Markovic / Konservatorium Wien

„…on this occasion we have observed his musical and technical education, his artistic creativity, reliability and collegiality. Due to his personal qualities, his feel and maturity, he creates a pleasant and productive working atmosphere and makes him as an indispensable partner.“

Dir. Peter Mayrhofer / Wiener Sinfonietta

„Mr. Zlatev has precisely carried out the complex and constantly varying sound engineering and organizational tasks in the implementation of our project. Even in urgently needed changes his assistence, accorded to the required operations, performed to the highest quality and on time, was allways done to our fullest satisfaction.“

Fritz Panzer, Buchmarketing /  Expo2000

„I got to know Mr. Zlatev in lively exchange of ideas in connection with looking for solutions of difficult sound engineering problems as an extremely competent and imaginative engineer. He proved a keen mind and accurately questioning their problems in a reliable participation …. his commitment went significantly out of the one “average” sound engineer“

Ing. Edwin Pfanzagl / Salzburger Festspiele

„… with his personal qualities and adaptability, his musical and technical education and qualification, as well as his artistic creativity, he is the best choice as a sound engineer and his involvement an significant enrichment for our team.“

TM Ferdinand Musil / Empire Sound Production

„Mr. Zlatev has a comprehensive overview of his professional area. Due to his versatile and based on many years of experience as a sound engineer, as well by his professional education and combined with extensive and practical experience, he appears as a competent and imaginative technicians with innovative inventive potential. His invention, a matrix for headphones (KMZ 04), built with an impressive creativity and ability, is highly appreciated by our company in the area of studio technology and headphones.“

Ihg. Norbert Sobol / AKG Acoustics

„Relying on his technical and musical abilities, I noted with pleasure that he gave me the feeling with professional competence, sensitivity, musicality and patience in his professional tasks to be correctly understood as an artist in every detail. I am very impressed by his fast and at the same time highly qualified kind of working, his willingness to accept foreign opinions, respectful treatment and, last but not least, by his obvious joy in the own job.“

Prof. Njagol Tumangelov

„In our common study I already got to know his qualities as a highly competent and reliable partner. Since the founding of our company, we were able to win him to cooperate on various projects and have become convinced, that he will remain also in the future for our company as a first choice sound engineer. His professional attitude, high sound engineering qualification and artistic creativity are a great Enrichment to our team.“

TM Andreas Rathammer / Quinton

„I have noticed over and over again how much Mr. Zlatev enters on the artist’s wishes, having a lot of sensitivity and patience in the team. His recording received last year the highest ranking in the category “Recording & Sound” by FonoForum (Germany). Therefor I am still greatly appreciated and proud to call him “my” sound engineer.“

Richard Fuller / FortePiano

„In the last few years i had a very successful collaboration with him and was impressed by his selfless way of being available for the project. Due to its since childhood intensive study of music, he has the ideal conditions for the sound engineer profession. He is the very first graduate of the University of Music and Performing Arts / Vienna with an academic title (MA) in the whole history of Education of Sound Engineers in Austria.“

Dir. Helmut Wollmann / Musikschule Donaustadt

„A special compliment belongs to the sound engineer Mario Zlatev, to whom it has been possible to capture the enchanting magic of this exquisite music. It will be exciting to expect the further releases of his music label CLASSITONE.“

Conductor, Maestro Alessandro Pagliazzi